Weddings! Marriage! The Joining of Families <3 My Favorite.

Honestly, all I want is to receive a text in 30 years from your kids happy crying watching your video <3 

The flooding nostalgia of memories that come from watching your videos as years go by is nothing short of magic. 

You focus on marrying your bestie, I'll hit record. Okay, actually don't keep reading if you don't wanna hear me get vulnerable real quick. My dad died tragically in a car accident when I was only 12 years old. Graciously, his best friend was a videographer and made a video to remember him. You can imagine how many times I've watched this video just to remember the sound of his voice. Obviously today we have smartphones and way more ways to remember someone than we did back then. But just know, I'm going to be crying during your speeches. I'm gonna cry during the parent dances. I film for your kids. I'm committed to asking friendly questions to your friends + fam during cocktail hour and reception to hear some stories about you and also capture the essence of any guest willing. This is my purpose.

Contracted under Peek Media

Casey is the amazingly heartfelt and talented media expert behind his brand, Peek Media

My peers and I love shooting for Casey, you can see the weddings I've shot here that he edits. Decades of experience in this man! Truly hears your story and weaves a beautiful narrative about your lives. 

Fun fact: Casey started out as a documentary filmmaker. One of his films was part of my Film Studies Curriculum in University! 

Contracted under The Uncommon Weddings

I am an associate shooter for the popular Bay Area wedding videography company, The Uncommon Weddings. 

The works you see here are all shot by me, and edited by a wonderfully talented teammate from Uncommon. 

To book your next wedding with The Uncommon Weddings, click here

Contracted under Tangerine Weddings

My partner started a business with his friends! 

They've been in the industry for a decade so they are pretty chill and confident about their ability to take good care of your special day.

Tangerine Weddings

We should all make at least one movie in our lifetimes. Why not at the biggest party you may ever throw? 


  • Full-frame cinema cameras
  • Super 8 film 
  • Audio Recorder, Lavaliere mic x2
  • Lighting x2
  • Drone


  • Full-frame mirrorless digital (hybrid) cameras
  • Medium Format Film
  • 35mm Film
  • Polaroids
  • Old Digital pass-around cameras for friends
  • Flash, Strobe, Constant

The start of something new ❤

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